EMMANUEL//Kids Community


We believe that it is primarily the family's responsibility to disciple their children, but we recognize this is not an easy course. We want to walk alongside you to provide opportunities and resources to   engage your children in the discipleship process. This is done through a weekly pre-teach tool called HomeFront Weekly, which children receive from their Kids Community teachers. This is an opportunity for you to teach the upcoming week's scripture before your children hear the lesson.

Parents can also access a monthly spiritual parenting resource called HomeFront. You can view this online for free at http://hub.truministry.com/h/c/19632-homefront-magazine, or you can purchase indvidual/bulk digital subscriptions, or print subscriptions at https://homefrontmag.com/subscribe/. HomeFront gives parents ideas on how to create fun, spiritually forming times in their home - even in the midst of their busy lives. 



If it is your first time attending our church, please try to arrive about 10 minutes early so that your family has time to check in at the kiosk located in the lower level entrance. Our sign-in crew will help you get checked in, and you will then receive a security/name tag for your child. After getting your child a tag, the sign-in crew will direct you and answer any questions you may have. 



Children receive gospel-centered instruction through relevant and application-oriented teaching.  We want to walk through the Bible, showing kids how it is more than a book of stories and teach them how God's beautiful story is all connected and applies to every aspect of our life today. Here at Emmanuel//Orillia, children will meet the God of the Bible and understand how to live as God's people. While here, your children will understand they are a valuable part of the faith community.  They will be taught that they are included in the Church and be given opportunities to serve alongside adults.  We desire for them to understand that they are an important part of the Body of Christ, and this means learning to look for ways to serve others.



Safe Church is the screening and training program for all of our Family Ministry volunteers and staff. Each volunteer completes an application, is interviewed, references are checked and he or she provides a Criminal Record Check. We also require all volunteers to complete training, and yearly refreshers about acceptable codes of conduct, and safety measures. We have a clear and simple procedure for following up on concerns; we take safety seriously. For more information on safe church click here.



After your kids have been checked in, we invite all kids to join us for the worship portion of our Sunday Gathering. They will be dismissed partway through to enjoy an age specific program. Children in the Nursery & Toddlers can be dropped off in their classroom at 9:45am if you would like them to remain in the Kids Community for the entire service. 


Our classrooms are divided as follows:

Nursery (Ages 0 - 2)

Toddlers (Ages 2 - 4)

Kindergarten (JK & SK)

Elementary (Grade 1 - Grade 6)