Community Groups

At EMMANUEL//Orillia we believe that we were created for community.  We were never meant to do life on our own.  First and foremost we were created to enjoy a relationship with God but we were also created to enjoy and live in community with each other.  We believe that in order for real and lasting life change to happen we need each other--we need community.                                                     Community Groups (CG's) are small gatherings of people whose desire is to love God, love others and live on mission together to a particular area or people. These groups gather together regularily to study God's Word (love Christ intimately); care for those in their group (pursue authentic community); and serve our neighborhood with the gospel.  

There are three focuses to our CG's:
1.  Study / Prayer: We want to love Christ intimately. CG's will vary across contexts in how they look, how they serve, when they meet, etc. However, they are rooted in a love for the Gospel. We believe we need depth and width; meaning, as we go WIDE (be active missionaries), we will need and desire DEEP understanding of the Gospel (Study). So as a CG, we will dig into God's Word and be fervent in prayer so that we are equipped to reach our city. 
2.  Community: We want to pursue authentic community. As a CG, we place a high priority on gathering together regularily to do life with each other. We believe that true fellowship comes when we allow others to speak into our life. As Christ followers we are called to hold each other up in prayer and hold each other accountable for the glory of God and to the good of others (1 Corinthians, Hebrews). We want groups pastoring each other in and through the mess of life and thus accountability is necessary for personal and spiritual growth. 
3.  Service: We want to serve our neighborhoods, city and region intentionally. We have a desire to see a community group living with gospel intentionality in every neighborhood, so that we see neighborhoods transformed. How do we see this? We encourage each CG to identify a particular area or people group and seek opportunities to meet the needs and bless people in their pocket of town or around the city. This is done either through dreaming up ways to serve those around them or joining existing ministries/services in our community. 

If you are interested in joining a community group, please sign up or inquire about them at our Welcome Desk on Sunday Mornings, or call the office during the week.